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Start Your Engines! Foundation Moto Brings the Old Town Revival to OTC

Foundation Moto is a custom motorcycle company that is taking Lake Norman by storm, building a lifestyle brand revolving around motorcycles, craft beer, coffee, and community. Foundation Moto has teamed up with Spinnerworks, an event management company to plan the Old Town Revival, a celebration of vintage and custom built motorcycles along with classic trucks, cars, and hot rods right here in Old Town Cornelius at the Oak Street Mill. We sat down with one of the founders of Foundation Moto, Adam Colborne, to learn more about how Foundation Moto started and what to expect from the Old Town Revival. Here is what we learned. 

The founders of Foundation Moto rockin’ their bikes.

Foundation Moto began about a year ago, when Colborne, his brother-in-law, Paul Morris, and their partner, Scott Hauser, envisioned their lifelong passion for motorcycles as an entrepreneurial opportunity. These men have built Foundation Moto far beyond just a custom motorcycle company. They have made Foundation Moto a lifestyle brand. All three partners are equally as passionate about the sense of freedom and community that motorcycles bring, and saw the opportunity to start Foundation Moto as a way to bring this community to the Lake Norman area. 

Cup o’ joe, anyone?

Morris is the chief fabricator of Foundation Moto’s custom builds and has been building award winning bikes for over a decade. They focus on the creativity of their superb craftsmanship, and are willing and excited to build anything to each customer’s vision, although Harley Davidson’s will always hold a special place in their hearts.  Foundation Moto extends beyond custom builds, offering their own line of “Shop Blend” whole bean coffee and their own craft beer line, currently featuring a 16 oz. 5.8% ABV Hanger Ale by Ass Clown Brewing Co. 

This 76 Custom Drop Seat bike is just one of Foundation Moto’s stellar projects

They came up with the idea of Old Town Revival to create an event that was a true extension of Foundation Moto that celebrated the art of timeless pieces and allowed the community to participate. They intend for the Old Town Revival to become ingrained in Cornelius tradition, and hope to draw motorcycle and vintage car enthusiasts to the area each year with the event.

This year, Old Town Revival will be on Saturday, October 5 at 3 pm with a police-escorted cruise-in to kick off the event. There will be live music, food trucks, an old school firetruck for kids to check out, and even old school skateboarding and BMX demos. They plan on having a wide range of vendors including everything from a pop-up barber shop to various vintage and custom made goods. You can also count on seeing a pop-up motorcycle dealership and an outdoor lifestyle environment with fire pits and s’mores for the kiddos. 

Come for the beautiful custom built bikes and classic cars, but stay for the environment! You will be able to hang out all afternoon, looking at vintage style, shopping the retail section, and bonding with other throwback truck, car, and motorcycle fanatics in our community.

Look out for classics like these at the Old Town Revival!

To stay up to date on all things Old Town Revival, and maybe even get a few sneak peeks of the trucks, cars, hot rods, and motorcycles attending, be sure to follow @theoldtownrevival on Instagram and check out the Facebook Event Page. Please visit for information on hotels and vendor and sponsorship inquiries.

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