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Event Spotlight: A Window into the Minds of Children of War

A Solace for the Children event.

This fundraiser and art show raised funds to benefit the Peace House Academy students in Afghanistan. The art for sale featured pieces from the students themselves.

“By establishing international partnerships providing medical care, education and leadership development for the children of war torn countries, we achieve our mission of building peace.” 

— the Solace for the Children motto

The first goal of Solace for Children is to offer medical help to those children affected by war. This may be range from dentistry to surgery, depending on the needs of each child. Once they have had the medical treatment they need, the next goal is to provide long-term educational resources. 

After speaking with Patsy Wilson, a founding and current board member of Solace for the Children, it is clear how passionate this organization is about promoting and educating on community and peace. They aim to raise money for local Afghanistan schooling and supplies, as well as for funding the Peace House Academy, which is offered to children who have less options in terms of schooling in their area. 

Through various partnerships, Solace for the Children promotes higher education for the children. By teaching civics, the Peace House Academy is teaching the students how to make their community a better place — which typically involves a lot of service opportunities, including hosting the first public blood drive in Afghanistan. 

I also had the opportunity to speak with Deborah Young, a local photographer and board member. She got involved when she was taking family portraits for one of the host families and met a student, which sparked her interest in the organization. She then started off by offering pictures for host families and individual portraits for the children that they were able to take home with them. She is now on the board and often hosts peace ambassadors. 

A Deborah Young Studio Portrait

It was incredible to spend time at this art show and learn so much about this organization. Three of the children who are here for medical treatments were able to come to the event. Seeing how excited, friendly, and joyful they were shows all the good that Solace for the Children is doing in their communities, as well as our own community in OTC and the Lake Norman area. 

Some of the board members, Solace children, and volunteers at the July 18th event

While there are many events and ways to help this organization, this specific art show has proceeds going to the boys’ and girls’ education. 

To help Solace for Children, you can donate at the link below.

Donation Page

You can also help by offering professional expertise, applying to be a host family, or volunteering.

The exhibit, A Window into the Minds of Children at War, is currently on display at the Deborah Young Studio, 20916 Catawba Ave. The art is for sale and all proceeds benefit Peace House Academy and provide art therapy and self-expression experiences.❤️????? 

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